1. Ensure Effective and Evidence-based Planning and Regulation for Abu Dhabi’s Biodiversity
    1. Ensure comprehensive assessment and monitoring of biodiversity in Abu Dhabi
    2. Strengthen policy and planning framework for biodiversity conservation
    3. Strengthen legal and regulatory framework for biodiversity conservation
    4. Work with relevant stakeholders to educate, raise awareness and engage the community on biodiversity in Abu Dhabi
  2. Improve Implementation of in-Situ Conservation & Build a Representative Network of Protected Areas
    1. Build a strong planning and legislative framework to set-up and manage representative networks of terrestrial and marine protected areas
    2. Effectively manage and maintain terrestrial and marine protected areas
    3. Ensure effective implementation of in-situ conservation plans
    4. Improve regulatory enforcement and compliance inside and outside terrestrial and marine protected areas
    5. Create better involvement of the community in terrestrial and marine protected areas
  3. Lead Ex-situ Conservation Efforts to Maintain Sustainable Populations of Key Flora and Fauna
    1. Efficiently and effectively manage ex-situ facilities and programmes
    2. Ensure successful implementation of wildlife reintroduction and rehabilitation programmes
  4. Sustainably Manage Fisheries & Aquaculture in Abu Dhabi
    1. Strengthen coordination mechanisms with key stakeholders and ensure development of required fisheries & aquaculture policies & plans
    2. Improve understanding and build knowledge and awareness on fisheries & aquaculture in Abu Dhabi
    3. Enhance and enforce fisheries & aquaculture legislative and regulatory framework​​​​
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