How we help businesses and government

Launched by the Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi, the The Green Business Network is a new initiative introduced for governments and businesses

The Green Business Network is a community of like-minded business committed to environmental causes, sharing their knowledge and experiences, and working together to help each other become better environmental citizens.

A crucial component of this network is to create more dialogue and collaboration between professional organizations of every kind, both in the government and private sector, by assessing their Green Houses gases emissions, sharing of resources, best practices and case studies.

How does this benefit you?

There are many fundamental business reasons why your organisation should strive to be more sustainable.

  • Becoming more sustainable now can also ensure ‘future proofing’ against factors such as scarcities and changes to federal and international regulations
  • As environmental awareness grows, operating sustainably can have a very positive effect on team morale; people like to know they work for an organisation that is doing the right thing
  • Good management of resources can lead to new commercial opportunities and thriving businesses
  • Customers and potential associates increasingly look for business partners who can demonstrate that they are good environmental citizens.
  • Exploring alternatives to current resource and consumption models often uncovers more innovative products and processes which can give a competitive edge

Much more than a cosmetic exercise

Around the world, organizations are being accused of ‘greenwashing’ – embarking on a cosmetic and superficial exercise to make their products or services appear to be eco-friendly, rather than making real changes.

We have designed Green Business Network to help them ensure businesses and organizations are taking responsibility, taking action and making real and verifiable changes for a better environment.

We will share case studies, initiatives from other members of the Green Business Network community and also interviews of members about their environmental sustainability practices, together with updates on the state of our environment and the species that we are striving to protect through our Know Your Environment website section.

Practicalities and partnerships – including you

We actively seek to forge links and partnerships with similar organizations here in Abu Dhabi and the UAE that are making a truly valuable contribution to Green Business Network. We work closely with Emirates Nature – WWF (EWS-WWF a range of tools to help inform business on the importance of sustainability and how it can provide economic benefits while protecting the UAE’s natural environment.

The Abu Dhabi Sustainability Group (ADSG) was established in 2008, as a multi-stakeholder membership initiative by EAD that aims to encourage co-responsibility in Abu Dhabi towards achieving the goal of economic, environmental and social sustainability by promoting sustainability management in Abu Dhabi and providing learning and knowledge sharing opportunities for government, private and non-profit organization

Here is an existing project launched by ADSG is the sustainability in practice report, our bi-annual, one-of-a-kind report provides a high level review of sustainability case studies and best practices across all of our members. This report offers a comprehensive review and analysis of the sustainability reports of ADSG members and serves as a strategic tool for our stakeholders to be informed of the extent of impact of the Group’s activities on the landscape of Abu Dhabi.

But the most important player in this dialogue is – and always will be - YOU. The more people and organizations who take positive steps to get involved and make environmental sustainability a reality and a leading principle in their working practices, the more achievable our goals become.

By getting involved you’ll be in good company

There are already a number of organizations in Abu Dhabi who have made great strides in embracing green practices. You can see some of their success stories in our Case Studies section . You’ll also find a list of all other organizations who have joined the Green Business Network and pledged to make their business more sustainable.

Because this is a continuous, ongoing process - a journey rather than a destination – our bank of knowledge and case studies will be expanded constantly. We’ll take care to make all new additions easily accessible to you. We’ll also let you know about any events and learning opportunities that we arrange in future to help you to make your business more environmentally sustainable.

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