Terrestrial Conservation Programmes​​​​​

Abu Dhabi’s landmass embraces mountains, expanses of desert, plains, wadis and one of the world’s only complete coastal salt flats (sabkha).

It receives less than 100mm of rainfall a year, and temperatures can rise to 50oC. Yet this is home to around 402 flora, 49 mammal, 382 bird, 67 amphibian and reptile, and three freshwater fish species. A number of these species appear on the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) critically endangered list.​

We conserve this wealth of biodiversity by establishing and maintaining terrestrial conservation areas, along with other initiatives that focus on high priority cases.​

Here are some of our key areas of concern, including - where applicable - the species’ environmental status as classified by the IUCN .​

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