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Environment Agency- Abu Dhabi expands its ‘Eltezam Campaign’ to include Metal Coatings Manufacturing Sector


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Abu Dhabi, December 19, 2017: The Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi (EAD) launched its new Eltezam Compliance Campaign targeting through its third iteration on the Metal Coatings Manufacturing sector in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. The campaign aims to provide guidance to facilities falling under this industrial sector on issues pertaining to environmental permitting and compliance requirements.


Coated metals are used in a wide variety of industries, such as transportation equipment, oil and gas pipes, and electrical equipment and electronics manufacturing. This industry can affect the environment through the release of Particulate Matter (PM) from abrasive blasting activities, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) from paint applications, and fumes from hot-dip zinc galvanizing baths. Other environmental concerns can arise from this industry due to the generation of solid wastes and process wastewater.


Air pollution, water consumption, the production of solid and liquid wastes, how they are collected, stored, and disposed of are among the most important environmental and health impacts that may result from metal surface coatings. The Eltezam campaign will offer guidance on the best management practices to minimise the environmental impact, as well as promoting higher workplace standards for health and safety in-line with international standards.


Ahmed Al Waheebi, Unit Head, Environmental Compliance and Audit Environment Quality at EAD said, "In view of the importance of the industrial sector role in economic development in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, EAD has developed standardised permit conditions for industrial and commercial facilities, which they must comply with to minimise risks to the environment and public health.


He added "In order to improve the environmental performance of the targeted industrial sectors, EAD has launched "Eltezam" campaign -which means 'compliance' in Arabic- in October 2013 to enhance awareness of the environmental laws and regulations of the industrial sectors in Abu Dhabi by conducting workshops and compliance inspections to ensure their adherence to environmental regulations. Following the success of the first and second phases in reaching out to the Ready-Mix and fiberglass sectors, EAD is now expanding this campaign to cover the metal coating-manufacturing sector in the emirate. "


Recently, EAD held a workshop attended by 116 participants who were representatives from 56 metal coatings facilities, to discuss and recap the requirements they need to adhere to the conditions listed in their environmental permits, specifically the regulations pertaining within this sector. Environmental laws and regulations implemented in the emirate, environmental risks posed within the metal coating sector and the alternatives available according to the best international practices were discussed


During the workshop, EAD distributed a detailed guideline, in both English and Arabic, highlighting the rules and regulations for metal coatings facilities to obtain and maintain an environmental permit in Abu Dhabi.


Metal coatings facilities will be provided with a one-month grace period before inspections taking place early next year, to assess their compliance with the federal and local government regulations and requirements and check their adherence to the specified permit conditions.


After EAD inspectors conduct their inspection visits, recommendations are made on the best mitigation measures a project owner can adopt, which allows the inspection team to work closely with them to assist in making the necessary changes.


To ensure customers are aware of the compliance process, EAD spends time on each compliance visit informing factory owners of their obligations and how to work in more eco-friendly ways. EAD has published a set of Standard Operating Procedures and Guidelines online to help developers, consultants and other stakeholders to stay up-to-date on the environmental permitting requirements and guidelines (downloadable at


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