Q1: What should I do in the case of an environmental emergency?A:

An emergency is an event that seriously threatens the immediate future of people, environment, business and property. For example an oil spill, gas release or mass wildlife kill. If you witness this, then please call the Abu Dhabi Government Contact Centre at 800 555 immediately. 

Q2: How can I volunteer with the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi?A:

To volunteer for our programmes, conferences or campaigns, e-mail your contact details to 

Q3: Where can I buy books from the Environment Agency- Abu Dhabi?A:

For a list of our publications, visit Publications section. If you are interested in purchasing any of them, you can send your publication request to 

Q4: What is the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi’s role during a sewage spill?A:

Any sewage spill will provoke an emergency response from the Environment Agency-Abu Dhabi (EAD) provided it is reported. Once notified, EAD will take the lead in establishing the impacts and threats to the environment, which for this scenario includes public health. 

Q5: I generate waste, who do I contact to deal with it?A:

Hazardous as well as construction and demolition waste has to be correctly transported, treated and disposed of. Even small volumes of waste from dental surgeries and medical clinics can be significant. Please call Tadweer (Center for Waste Management – Abu Dhabi) at +971 2 642 4660 with your request. 

Q6: How do I recycle in Abu Dhabi?A:

First, it’s important to remember the importance of reducing your consumption and reducing your use of paper, plastic, etc. as much as possible. If you are interested in recycling, visit or call +9712-6424660 to select and contact one of the more than 900 Environmental Service Providers that are certified by Tadweer (formerly known as the Centre for Waste Management – Abu Dhabi). These service providers are categorised according to the type of waste they collect or recycle such as paper or plastic. 

Q7: I have a respiratory problem how can I know the air quality in my neighbourhood?A:

We recommend that you keep an eye on our Air Quality Index, especially on days when dust storms are severe. Visit to know more about the air quality in Abu Dhabi. 

Q8: I’m a student/teacher working on an environmental project at my school/university. Where can I find information?A:

EAD conducts regular training for teachers and students. If you are interested in receiving training, please register for our Sustainable Schools Initiative on For more information about our educational programmes, please click here 

Q9: I have an exotic animal that I can no longer look after, what shall I do?A:

Please call the Abu Dhabi Government Contact Centre at 800 555 or email our customer service on
For further information on exotic species, refer to ‘UAE CITES handbook’.​​​​

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