What is it?

Of all the species in nature, the mangrove is among the most fascinating and beneficial to humanity. Most often found growing in the sea waters of tropical and sub-tropical coastal areas, this hardy tree acts as a natural windbreak, protecting against tidal surges and purifying the surrounding water.

It is also highly effective in scrubbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, thus contributing to the fight against global warming – and it’s interesting to note that the older the tree, the more efficient it is at carbon sequestration.

Mangroves also provide a safe, sheltered home for hundreds of bird and marine species, which aids biodiversity and helps to increase fish stock​s.

Abu Dhabi’s coastal areas are richly lined with mangrove forests. There are already an estimated 70 square kilometres of forest across the Emirate. Mangrove National Park has more than 19 square kilometres of forest.

Found within the city of Abu Dhabi, Mangrove National Park is a dense, luxuriant concentration of mangrove trees, protected by government order. This is a real haven for nature lovers, outdoor enthusiasts and bird lovers, or simply people who want to spend some time away from the daily grind in harmony with nature.


A select number of respected, well-established tour operators have set up a range of activities and adventures so you can explore and make the most of your trip around Mangrove National Park.

Take a look through the options available. Please note that, in order to preserve and protect the mangroves and their habitat, we can only accept visitors who book their visits via an accredited operator:

Here is a list of tour operators that can provide these experiences for you.

Company Name Website
Seahawk Water Sports www.sea-hawk.ae
Noukhada www.noukhada.ae
Hydro Marine Sports www.hydromarinesports.com
Al Mahara Diving www.divemahara.com
Belevari www.belevari.com
Safwa Marine www.safwamarine.com

What species can be seen there?

There are literally hundreds of bird, plant and other species to be seen in and around Mangrove National Park. In fact there are more than 60 species of birds feeding and nesting, as well as a profusion of fish, shells, and crabs.

Just some of the species you may encounter are listed below. To get more information, click on the name of the species that interests you.

- Western reef heron
- Greater flamingo
- Grey mangrove
- Mottled crab

How do we get there?

The Mangrove National Park is located near the Anantara Hotel, just outside central Abu Dhabi on Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Street.



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Mangrove National Park

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