Our role in the community

At EAD, we are conscious that we are part of the wider community. We all want to live and work in a safe and healthy environment and to pass a legacy of a healthy environment on to future generations.

All sectors of society have a part to play. As the government appointed authority for the environment, with particular responsibility for regulation and legislation, the role of EAD is of course pivotal.

But alongside this, we also endeavour to act as facilitators, enablers and mentors, reaching out to communities, encouraging sustainable and environmental good practices in the citizens and residents of Abu Dhabi, sharing knowledge and providing practical advice and guidance to all who ask for it.

We aim to act on an Emirate-wide scale, disseminating information, while also rolling out tailor-made educational and outreach programmes for individual sectors of the environment and the community.

Here are some of the ways we work with the community:

Environmental Ambassadors

We run an active volunteer network that consists of over 365 committed individuals and groups who are engaged and supportive of our various environmental activities. The Ambassadors’ main role is to spread awareness about Abu Dhabi’s environmental challenges through social media and personal contacts in their community. We support them, in turn, with workshops, training and resources.

Environmental Occasions

Every year, EAD marks a variety of environmental occasions, under a specific theme, to promote a better understanding of environmental issues. Some are local such as; National Environment Day which is held each year on 4th February and led by the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, while others are international such as: World Water Day on 22nd March, Earth Hour in March and World Environment Day on 5th June.

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