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It can’t be repeated often enough or emphasized strongly enough that protecting the environment is for everybody’s benefit – and everybody’s responsibility. Businesses in Abu Dhabi can play an absolutely crucial leading role in this. So we hope you will take the first step and show your commitment towards environmental sustainability by joining Green Business Network.

To become part of Green Business Network, we ask you to:

  • Nominate an individual ambassador from your organization. This individual will be the key point of contact for all information pertaining to events, new case studies, best practices etc. Please fill the Registration form
  • Download the Climate and Sustainability Action Guideline for Businesses and Government to assess their Carbon emissions
  • Commit to seeking ways to reduce your energy, water, waste, and overall impact on the environment
  • Engage employees to become green advocates in their place of work, and in their homes
  • Actively attend Green Business Network events – you’ll be notified of these as they are scheduled
  • Submit the results’ report for the action guideline and share at least one case study every two years. We will vet and publish case studies on our website

All active members will be able to show that they support for the initiative by including the Green Business logo on their email signatures, Facebook pages, websites, stationery and company reports.


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