Air quality​​​​​

Outdoor air pollution is the primary environmental threat to public health in the UAE. We work to protect air quality and consider the control of noise pollution to be part of this remit.

Abu Dhabi occasionally experiences high concentrations of particulate matter and ground-level ozone. Dust storms exacerbate this problem greatly, with particulate matter in the atmosphere up to 14 times higher than WHO (World Health Organisation) standards. 

We are approaching this by:​

  • Operating a network of 20 air quality monitoring stations spread out around Abu Dhabi Emirate
  • E-linking with other entities’ air quality monitoring networks and exchanging data to help us manage air quality better
  • Upgrading techniques for analysing, modelling and reporting the information from monitoring stations
  • Establishing an air quality index
  • Strengthening the legal, regulatory and enforcement framework for air quality and noise

How we will measure our success:

  • Ambient nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide, ozone and particulate matter concentrations maintained within accepted standards
  • Hospital and doctor visits due to particulate matter-related complaints reduced
  • Noise levels minimised within accepted standards

How you can play your part

  • Understand how air quality is measured, how it can affect your health and how to combat its effects
  • To know more about the Air Quality Index visit www.adairquality.ae​​​
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