Breeding and migrating birds​​​​​

The UAE welcomes as many as two million migrating birds every year; the flamingo population alone can number more than 10,000. Ospreys, Marsh Harriers, Greater Spotted Eagles and Egyptian Vultures have also been known to visit.

There are also locally breeding species, such as Socotra Cormorants, Crab Plovers and Sooty Falcons. But populations are declining and a recent survey claimed that only three pairs of Sooty Falcon survive.

EAD protects and encourages the populations via a number of initiatives such as protected areas. More than 260 species have been spotted at Al Wathba Wetland Reserve, which has proved exceptionally successful as a breeding ground, with 242 flamingo hatchings in 2013.

Main sources of threat: Habitat loss due to construction and development, anthropogenic disturbance and  attacks by other animal predators​

Current IUCN status: Vulnerable, threatened or near-threatened

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