Marine water quality​​​​

While our marine water quality is generally excellent, it is important to maintain it at that level for public health, fisheries, aquaculture, tourism and recreation. 

Main areas of concern are:

  • Nutrient over-enrichment, which can lead to excessive algal growth which in severe cases can disrupt water desalination operations, cause fish kills, and adversely recreational use of marine water.
  • Sediment concentrations of various pollutants near industrial and shipping operations
  • Accidental discharges of untreated sewage
  • Brine discharges from desalination plants
  • Discharge of treated sewage effluent

Our role in safeguarding our marine water entails:

  • Long term monitoring of marine water quality
  • Targeted studies at high risk or impacted sites
  • Developing/updating regulations and policies to protect marine water quality
  • Working with the federal government to ensure proper management of marine water quality
  • Deploying and maintaining a network of buoy-mounted automated marine water quality monitoring platforms to provide early warning of potential algal bloom incidents
  • Inspecting proposed marine projects and developments to ensure minimal impact on water quality
  • Strictly enforcing the environmental permitting process to prevent discharge of pollutants into the sea

How we will measure our success:

  • Coastal marine environment protected from over-enrichment with nutrients
  • Reduced risk to public health from bacterial or viral contamination during water sports and bathing at public beaches
  • Reduced incidents of potentially harmful algal blooms

How you can play your part

  • If you spot anything strange or unusual on the beach or in the sea, report it to the EAD emergency team: 026834456 / 0506675171
  • Keep Abu Dhabi’s beaches clean! Why not arrange a beach clean-up in your community? It’s a fun way to involve everyone and make a difference
  • If you’re going on a beach or boat trip, always bring back your waste and dispose of it carefully, so nothing goes into the sea. ​
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