Groundwater is the most pressing issue that we face in Abu Dhabi Emirate. Groundwater, a largely non-renewable resource is currently used in agriculture, forestry and landscaping. It is also considered as a strategic water reserve for domestic water supply. Today groundwater is in high demand. With current abstraction levels estimated at 20 times higher than the natural aquifers recharge, it is expected that useable groundwater will get depleted in a few decades. 

Key aspects of our strategy to address this include:

  • Regulating the groundwater use in different development sectors
  • Anticipating and managing increases in demand
  • Maximising recycled wastewater use in agriculture and forestry, which account for 95% of total groundwater consumption
  • Shifting to desalinated and recycled sources wherever practical
  • Improving the accuracy of groundwater monitoring
  • Tightening enforcement on illegal groundwater wells drilling, abstraction and selling
  • Raising awareness among relevant user groups on groundwater scarcity and techniques for more efficient irrigation

How we will measure our success:

  • Increase in the number of years remaining in usable groundwater reserves
  • Reduction in groundwater used annually in agriculture and forestry
  • Groundwater salinity levels reduced or maintained
  • Increase in reuse of recycled water in agriculture and forestry

How you can play your part

  • Practice conservation strategies for outdoor watering
  • Install water efficient fixtures on your watering system or groundwater well if you have one
  • Be part of the educational process – if you know or work with farm managers and labourers, talk to them about using water more efficiently​​​
  • Support Groundwater Well Inventory Project and be part of it – click here for more information ​​​​
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